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F158846763Matt Theriault, Founding Member and Manager

Matt Theriault is an accomplished real estate investor, published author and host of the #1 real estate investing podcast on iTunes, Epic Real Estate Investing. Over the years he has built and maintained multiple teams of professionals across the country to carry out his high-yielding low-risk investment strategy for himself and his clients. Theriault has completed more than 300 real estate transactions in the last three years indicating that this isn’t his first rodeo.

cxMr. Cheng Xueyong, Founding Member and Adviser

Mr. Cheng Xueyong is an international businessman, philanthropist (honored “Great Philanthropist” in 2006 by Anhui Fuyang Municipal Government) and leader of the Chinese real estate powerhouse Welkin Group. Deft Investments benefits daily from his many years of accomplished business and real estate expertise. From building houses and apartments to creating urban mega-complexes, his experience and network alone positions Deft for eminent success.[/divider]