How Do We Do It?

teamworkAmong using traditional methods of acquiring our real estate assets, Deft has tapped into a proprietary source of high-yielding cash flow properties available to nobody else.

We have created multiple teams per market of real estate professionals to manage the rehabilitation and management of our properties. Multiple teams per market keeps expenses low, performance high and diversifies risk.

To minimize risk even further, all properties are purchased below replacement value, below the median price for the respective market and each property must produce a double digit cash-on-cash return.

Deft Investments, LLC’s Investment Philosophy:

At some point, new home builders will begin building again. The demand (population) for more housing is already walking the earth to eventually create a need for increased supply (new housing). New building, however, will only begin once a house can be sold for more than it costs to build. Houses purchased below building price will positively and significantly benefit from new building activity. Nobody knows when this will happen, but as long as the properties are performing to minimum standards, the Deft can generate a substantial profit for itself and its partners while it waits for the eminent windfall of appreciation.

Exit Strategy:

  • Option 1. Sell performing properties in bulk (250-1,000) at a premium to REITs.
  • Option 2. Create our own REIT (10,000 properties).
  • Option 3. Hold and enjoy the residual income.